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Health Day at HASA GmbH

At the end of 2017, we celebrated the second HASA Health Day. During working hours, employees had the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of activities. There was an enthusiastic response.

For two years, HASA GmbH (part of the Freiberg Food Group since July 2017) has operated an active health management system in cooperation with IKK gesund plus. In 2015, the topic was addressed by the first HASA Health Day and systematically expanded at the beginning of 2016. Various screening measures and health-promoting activities were carried out from the start. Employees were trained by IKK gesund plus and Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (BGN) with regard to diverse issues (e.g. leading healthy lives, nutrition counseling). There were courses on stress management, back health, safety around machinery and equipment and in the high-bay warehouse, along with training to become an occupational safety specialist, fire safety officer, and health manager.

The program for this year's Health Day was called “In Balance.” It included the stress pilot, which tested the employees’ stress regeneration ability, and the coordination and balance test, which evaluated the body’s stability and symmetry. Both initiatives were offered via IKK gesund plus by the contractual partner Mikomed. Over 70 employees took advantage of this opportunity.

Coordination & Balance Test: Stress pilot

Company physician Dr. Brendel from Magdeburg administered employees the flu vaccination, while nurse practitioner Eileen carried out the Schellong test with 15 employees. This examination is a simple clinical functional test for the evaluating the circulatory functions. It checks the changes in the heart rate and blood pressure caused by increased exertion.

To facilitate mostly standing employment with optimal footwear, the company Atlas Shoes offered digital measurements of foot length and width and follow-up consultations on work shoes and insoles. Employees will thus be able to make a more informed choice about work shoes in the future.

Schellong test: Foot measurement

As in the past, this year’s Health Day was also supported by the employers’ liability insurance association. The driving simulator, which arrived from Mannheim, simulated different weather conditions and driving under influence of alcohol for 35 employees. As part of the current BGN campaign “Safely en route. Transporting the right way” (“Sicher unterwegs. Richtig transportieren”), the driving simulator has been a popular attraction at health days throughout Germany. There was also information on motor-vehicle and bicycle safety as well as on alcohol and drug use when on the road.

Mr. Balkenhol and Mr. Koch, BGN: Driving simulator

In an employee workshop, Mrs. Unruh from Stadtmission Magdeburg addressed the topics of alcohol and drugs, as well as addiction detection and dealing with addictions among family and friends. Over the course of the day, she offered employees related information at her information booth, including details on counseling opportunities for those affected and the relatives of addiction victims.

IKK gesund plus also had an information booth for counselling employees on various health issues. In addition, employees had a final opportunity to submit their questionnaires for the employee health management survey, which are to be evaluated by a health-insurance provider at University of Halle. The anonymous evaluation of the survey will be delivered to HASA GmbH in mid-December. The results will then in part be incorporated into the planning of health management measures for the next two years.

Infostand IKK gesund plus: Infostand Stadtmission

The celebration of Health Day was rounded off with a healthy buffet in the staff cafeteria, supplied and attended to by the Stadthalle Burg. Rather unusual full-grain rolls as well as fresh salads, fruit skewers, sushi and more were designed to stimulate the employees’ taste buds for healthier food, which was enjoyed by all. The cafeteria was furthermore used as a shared meeting space during the break, where co-workers exchanged their impressions.


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Health Day at HASA GmbH

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