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There are new things from the stone oven to discover!

Many variations of HASA stone oven pizzas baked directly on hot stone.
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Trademarks are brands

It is not long ago that trademarks were used primarily strategically by businesses and in the lower price segment.

This is now considered outdated.

Today, various product groups in different price brackets are used in order to differentiate products from the competition and to improve brand image.

This is why today we only talk about BRANDS.

A customer's decision to go to the shop around the corner or to get into a car and drive 5 km to your outlet is rarely made on the basis of product-price ratio. It is far more a question of the products that can be purchased exclusively from you.

This is how brands are created at HASA.

Production according to Italian tradition

We produce frozen stone-baked pizzas at the most modern factory in Germany. Our special feature is that our pizzas are baked directly on hot natural stone. It is the direct contact with stone... read on

Subject Transparency

[...] Therefore, we aim to describe ingredients and manufacturing processes in as much detail and as transparently and clearly as possible... read on

Request a product sample

Are you interested in our products? We would be happy to send you product samples and more information. more

Quality & certification

Our frozen pizzas meet the highest standards of quality and taste and provide a high degree of convenience for the consumer.

Our success is determined primarily by consistent high quality. Our professional approach to making our stone-baked pizzas in each and every production step, our qualified employees in all areas and departments as well as our selected domestic and international suppliers guarantee top quality and safety.

We are certified annually according to IFS (higher level) and BRC (Grade A) international food standards.

In order to continuously improve quality, we also set quantifiable annual quality objectives that place a focus on each employee's responsibility.

Subject Sustainability

We consider it our duty to ensure the safety and health of our employees by taking appropriate actions and measures. In terms of the value chain, we also... read on