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There are new things from the stone oven to discover!

Many variations of HASA stone oven pizzas baked directly on hot stone.
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How your brand is created

As a specialist for brands, we develop concepts from the idea to the marketable product. Our pizza experts develop your ideas into finished pizzas in no time at all.... read on

Production according to Italian tradition

We produce frozen stone-baked pizzas at the most modern factory in Germany. Our special feature is that our pizzas are baked directly on hot natural stone. It is the direct contact with stone... read on

Our Vision

When we started with the construction of the factory in the middle of a green meadow in mid-2005, we already had fixed ideas about how the best frozen pizza should look in the future. Industrially produced, yet as close as possible to the traditional pizza crafted by our favourite Italian restaurant around the corner. A frozen pizza to... read on

For every taste

Subject Sustainability

We consider it our duty to ensure the safety and health of our employees by taking appropriate actions and measures. In terms of the value chain, we also... read on

Subject Transparency

[...] Therefore, we aim to describe ingredients and manufacturing processes in as much detail and as transparently and clearly as possible... read on