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Es gibt neues aus dem Steinofen zu entdecken!

Die HASA Steinofenpizza in vielfältigen Variationen, direkt auf heißem Stein gebacken.
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The backmobile returns to HASA GmbH

The mobile back diagnostics of the Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (BGN), conducted by the Forschungsgesellschaft für angewandte Systemsicherheit und Arbeitsmedizin (FSA) from Erfurt, Germany, will be visiting HASA GmbH for the second time from April 9–13.

The backmobile already dropped by the company in the fall of 2015 and was very well received by employees. Mobile back diagnostics was again requested from BGN for this year and, despite overwhelming demand, HASA GmbH ensured that its employees would be able to take advantage of this initiative.

During this week, about 30 employees of the company will have the opportunity to gauge the mobility and maximum strength of their torsos in all movement directions. A comprehensive survey on medical history, leisure, and work behavior will be conducted. The evaluation is based on a personal results log and includes an individual consultation. Among other things, the employee receives tips on ergonomics and balancing exercises.

As a consequence, it should be possible to prevent or reduce work-related back problems. In addition to back and muscular diseases, the company’s workplace health campaign focuses on important psychological topics such as dealing with stress.

The health management program of HASA GmbH includes traditional occupational safety, health-promoting measures with partners BGN and ikk gesund plus, as well as company integration management (Betriebliche Eingliederungsmanagement, BEM) to help employees return to work after extended or repeated illness.


Health Day at HASA GmbH

At the end of 2017, we celebrated the second HASA Health Day. During working hours, employees had the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of activities. There was an enthusiastic response.

For two years, HASA GmbH (part of the Freiberg Food Group since July 2017) has operated an active health management system in cooperation with IKK gesund plus. In 2015, the topic was addressed by the first HASA Health Day and systematically expanded at the beginning of 2016. Various screening measures and health-promoting activities were carried out from the start. Employees were trained by IKK gesund plus and Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (BGN) with regard to diverse issues (e.g. leading healthy lives, nutrition counseling). There were courses on stress management, back health, safety around machinery and equipment and in the high-bay warehouse, along with training to become an occupational safety specialist, fire safety officer, and health manager.

The program for this year's Health Day was called “In Balance.” It included the stress pilot, which tested the employees’ stress regeneration ability, and the coordination and balance test, which evaluated the body’s stability and symmetry. Both initiatives were offered via IKK gesund plus by the contractual partner Mikomed. Over 70 employees took advantage of this opportunity.

Coordination & Balance Test: Stress pilot

Company physician Dr. Brendel from Magdeburg administered employees the flu vaccination, while nurse practitioner Eileen carried out the Schellong test with 15 employees. This examination is a simple clinical functional test for the evaluating the circulatory functions. It checks the changes in the heart rate and blood pressure caused by increased exertion.

To facilitate mostly standing employment with optimal footwear, the company Atlas Shoes offered digital measurements of foot length and width and follow-up consultations on work shoes and insoles. Employees will thus be able to make a more informed choice about work shoes in the future.

Schellong test: Foot measurement

As in the past, this year’s Health Day was also supported by the employers’ liability insurance association. The driving simulator, which arrived from Mannheim, simulated different weather conditions and driving under influence of alcohol for 35 employees. As part of the current BGN campaign “Safely en route. Transporting the right way” (“Sicher unterwegs. Richtig transportieren”), the driving simulator has been a popular attraction at health days throughout Germany. There was also information on motor-vehicle and bicycle safety as well as on alcohol and drug use when on the road.

Mr. Balkenhol and Mr. Koch, BGN: Driving simulator

In an employee workshop, Mrs. Unruh from Stadtmission Magdeburg addressed the topics of alcohol and drugs, as well as addiction detection and dealing with addictions among family and friends. Over the course of the day, she offered employees related information at her information booth, including details on counseling opportunities for those affected and the relatives of addiction victims.

IKK gesund plus also had an information booth for counselling employees on various health issues. In addition, employees had a final opportunity to submit their questionnaires for the employee health management survey, which are to be evaluated by a health-insurance provider at University of Halle. The anonymous evaluation of the survey will be delivered to HASA GmbH in mid-December. The results will then in part be incorporated into the planning of health management measures for the next two years.

Infostand IKK gesund plus: Infostand Stadtmission

The celebration of Health Day was rounded off with a healthy buffet in the staff cafeteria, supplied and attended to by the Stadthalle Burg. Rather unusual full-grain rolls as well as fresh salads, fruit skewers, sushi and more were designed to stimulate the employees’ taste buds for healthier food, which was enjoyed by all. The cafeteria was furthermore used as a shared meeting space during the break, where co-workers exchanged their impressions.


40 times gold medal for HASA – the new DLG awards have arrived!

Since the middle of February, this year’s DLG test results for our ready-made meals and frozen pizzas are in. Just as in the years before, all the HASA pizzas could convince. The jury’s result was outstanding for us. We received 40 gold medals and 6 silver medals. Part of the test were pizzas of our own brand and pizzas that we produce under a different brand for food retailing.

We are especially pleased about the results of both our new pizza series Italissimo Thin & Crispy and Italissimo Seafood. Our Italissimo Thin & Crispy pizzas are produced with a particular thin base getting especially light and crispy when being baked and selected tasty toppings. The seafood pizzas have toppings like salmon, prawns and tuna being caught with a fishing rod. Delight with a clear conscience because the fish and seafood are from sustainable and socially responsible aquacultures and sustainable fishing being certified accordingly (ASC, MSC). Two new series that convinced the jury fully and all of them were rewarded with gold.

The customers’ and consumers’ trust in our products is significant to us so we are very glad about the certified quality control of the DLG that is based on current scientifical results of the quality assurance.

This international quality control of the DLG is authorized by DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 for the certification of food products. To objectively determine the quality, in the area of frozen food and ready-made meals, self-service meat products and delicatessen the tests are done every year. In the focus of those tests there are sensory product analyses, laboratory analyses and a standardized check on package and labeling. Here the raw and prepared (according to manufacturer specifications) products are assessed according to color, appearance, consistency, smell and taste. The test is anonymous meaning the product name and price is not known to the candidates having been trained by the DLG. Together with the results of the microbiological and physical analysis and the label and package check, the jury delivers an objective final judgment and awards the premiums.

In the last five years alone, almost 200 HASA pizzas haven been tested. More than 93 % were awarded with gold and silver medals.


HASA Exclusive partner of SCM european handball game against Melsungen

For a few years now, HASA sponsors the national handball league team SC Magdeburg and watches many of the exiting games. But wednesdays game could not have been more thrilling.

The SC Magdeburg played against MT Melsungen and won within the last few seconds, thanks to a goal by Zeljko Musa.

It was a game that HASA attended as an exclusive partner, sponsor and fan.

Marko Bezjak (SCM) made to goals within the game against MT Melsungen

SCM defense with keeper Dario Quenstedt

The team celebrating the win
Pictures: Eroll Popova


A joyful anniversary for all our employees

In early September with best summer weather, excellent food and lots of good entertainment we celebrated this year's company anniversary. The Festung Mark with its stylish ambience offered the perfect atmosphere. Beside a tour with the fortress commander, employees danced to music and a fast-drawing artist captured many sympathetic and funny pictures of our employees. Highlight of the evening was a fire show with fireworks. This wonderful celebration will certainly be remembered for a very, very long time.


Cuban minister of commerce visits HASA

As part of their official delegation journey through Saxony-Anhalt the Cuban minister of commerce Orlando Nicolás Hernández Guillén visited HASA on the 1st of June 2016.

Cuba, that is now economically developing, sees its potentials in the nutrition and renewable energy industries. The president of Cubas chamber of commerce was presented the structure and development of HASA. He was accompanied by the economic councilor from the embassy of the Cuban Republic in Germany Lourdes Rosa Morell and managing director of the IHK Magdeburg Wolfgang März. The tour through the factory included the production and deep-frozen storage area. This tour gave a deep insight in industrial manufacturing equipment, safety and hygiene measures and the organization of a modern nutrition production.



HASA Pizzas on the worlds biggest trade fair for seafood the SEAFOOD Expo Global in Brussels

The worldwide biggest trade fair for the seafood-industry opened once again on April 26th 2016 and over 1600 companies from 80 countries are participating. A trade fair that is visited by thousands of buyers from commerce, catering, manufacturers and suppliers. This fair offers a broad spectrum of exhibitors from its industry ranging from fishing, to processing, food production, packaging, logistics, testing institutes and certification organisations. This is why it has become a highlight to the seafood industry.

On board this time was the new seafood range by HASA. It was selected by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for the exhibition at the SEAFOOD Expo Global in Brussels. The new pizzas mit fish and seafood from tested, sustainable and responsible fish farms with ASC and MSC certificates and great taste. In stores available now and with that extra bit of transparency for consumers. A QR-code on the back of the box offers additional detailed information about origin and sustainability of the seafood included.


DLG-Awards with perfect scores for HASA

Every year the independent and nutural DLG (German Agricultural Society) evaluates our products. We do receive best scores on a regular basis. DLG provides neutral and independent research about the quality of food to consumers. This research is centered around sensor measurings of color, looks, consistency, smell and taste. Other important criteria are cooking, packaging and labeling tests.

For the 2016 awards we submitted 36 of our deep-frozen stone-oven pizzas in different tastes, popular ones like Pizza Margherita and Speciale, vegetarian kinds like Italissimo Primavera or Antipasti, but also seasonal highlights like Currywurst Pizza. The results say something for us, our quality and creativity. 31 pizzas received gold, 5 pizzas silver. We are very happy about these awards!


Welcome to our new website

Today marks the launch of our new website. You can now find more details about our company and news from the food industry.

Our company has grown rapidly in recent years, leading us to expand our production capacity and now employ about 170 people.
We started in 2005 with 5 employees.

You can now find jobs and career opportunities as well as details about the production of our trademark products on our website.


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