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There are new things from the stone oven to discover!

Many variations of HASA stone oven pizzas baked directly on hot stone.
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DLG-Medaillen für HASA aus Burg

01.11.2012, DLG-Pressedienst

(DLG). Das DLG-Testzentrum Lebensmittel hat jetzt die HASA GmbH aus Burg mit 14 Gold-, 9 Silber- und 6 Bronze-Medaillen für die Qualität ihrer Produkte ausgezeichnet. In der Internationalen Qualitätsprüfung für Convenience-Food der... read on

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Soon there will also be pizza in Iceland from Burg

18.10.2012, Volksstimme

The pizza manufacturer Hasa has gone into production with its second production line. After seven years in the market, the medium-sized company is proof that success comes to those who continually strive for quality. By Nora Schmackert... read on

Für italienische Momente - die Pizza aus Burg

12.10.2012, Wirtschaftsspiegel Sachsen-Anhalt

Statt in den Flieger zu steigen, um sich ein wenig kulinarische Momente aus Italien zu gönnen, reicht schon ein Griff in die Tiefkühltruhe beim Lebensmittelhändler des Vertrauens. Die HASA-Pizzabäcker aus Burg zeigen Präsenz in der... read on

Hasa: Erweiterte Kapazitäten und innovative Pizza-Ideen

01.10.2012, minus 18 das tiefkühlmagazin

Mit der eigenen Marke "Italissimo" zeigte HandelsmarkenSpezialist Hasa auf der InterCool ein breites Spektrum an nicht alltäglichen Pizza-Ideen. "Wir stellen Italissimo hier als Marke mit spannenden Produkten vor, die Alleinstellung im... read on

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New and innovative products for store-brand consumers

01.09.2012, minus 18 das tiefkühlmagazin

The first stone pizzas from Hasa’s new production line are already expected to leave its facility in September. With this production line, the pizza works from Burg, Saxony-Anhalt, which was founded only in 2006, doubled its production... read on

Genuss mit Bio

01.02.2012, DLG-Pressedienst

Preisträger in der Internationalen DLG-Prüfung - Bio-Lebensmittel überzeugen Experten - Preisverleihung anlässlich der BioFach 2012 in Nürnberg (DLG). Das DLG-Testzentrum Lebensmittel hat jetzt die HASA GmbH aus Burg mit drei... read on

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Premium-Range pizza stands out with even more variety

01.01.2012, minus 18 das tiefkühlmagazin

In 2011, there was a lot on the agenda at Hasa GmbH in Burg. The new “Italissimo-Premium” product range, comprising five varieties – “Chicken Döner,” “Thai Sweet Chicken,” “Antipasti,” “Salame Piccante” (also known... read on

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Our Vision

When we started with the construction of the factory in the middle of a green meadow in mid-2005, we already had fixed ideas about how the best frozen pizza should look in the future. Industrially produced, yet as close as possible to the traditional pizza crafted by our favourite Italian restaurant around the corner. A frozen pizza to... read on

Subject Sustainability

We consider it our duty to ensure the safety and health of our employees by taking appropriate actions and measures. In terms of the value chain, we also... read on

Brands by HASA

With our Italissimo and Amore brands, your customers have the opportunity to test new recipes... read on

Subject Transparency

[...] Therefore, we aim to describe ingredients and manufacturing processes in as much detail and as transparently and clearly as possible... read on

News from HASA

40 times gold medal for HASA – the new DLG awards have arrived!

Since the middle of February, this year’s DLG test results for our ready-made meals and frozen pizzas are in. Just as in the years before, all the HASA pizzas could convince. The jury’s result was outstanding for us. We received 40 gold medals... read on

HASA Exclusive partner of SCM european handball game against Melsungen

For a few years now, HASA sponsors the national handball league team SC Magdeburg and watches many of the exiting games. But wednesdays game could not have been more thrilling. The SC Magdeburg played against MT Melsungen and won within the last... read on

Private Label innovative and successful

Early this month tk report -18 released an interview with our manager Andreas Czayka. They talked about private label pizzas, brands and the future of HASA. Read the entire article in our press... read on