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Many variations of HASA stone oven pizzas baked directly on hot stone.
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HASA: thanks to new technology, now there’s tarte flambée

01.11.2013, TK-Report Anuga Forum

Pizza manufacturer Hasa attended the Anuga tradeshow with its Italissimo line of pizzas. New recipes mean that there are more variations in toppings. Premium pizzas were also put on display with their crispy crust. As managing director... read on

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DLG medals for Hasa in Burg. Product quality persuades expert jury, extensive testing

01.11.2013, DLG-Pressedienst

Products were tested from the areas of frozen food, prepared meals, specialty foods, fish and seafood as well as meat in self-service packaging. To receive a DLG award, products must go through a battery of laboratory tests, declaration... read on

Transparenz und neue Genüsse

20.10.2013, TK-Report

Piquanté-Früchte oder halbgetrocknete Tomaten... Bei Hasa gibt es zur Anuga manch Neues auf der Pizza zu entdecken. Denn rechtzeitig zur Messe hat der Pizza-Spezialist seine Produktionserweiterung abgeschlossen und geht mit entsprechend... read on

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“Best of the Best” award for HASA from Burg

01.10.2013, DLG-Pressedienst

The food testing center of the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) has now awarded HASA GmbH in Burg with the bronze “Best of the Best” award. This quality certificate recognizes long-term, sustainable quality production. The... read on

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The latest news from the stone oven

01.05.2013, tk-report minus 18

At the PLMA tradeshow, pizza manufacturer Hasa introduces new premium products and an “Italissimo” pizza developed specially for export. Over the last two years, Hasa, from the city of Burg in Saxony-Anhalt, has invested over €17... read on

DLG-Auszeichnungen in Gold für HASA aus Burg

01.02.2013, DLG-Pressedienst

(DLG). Im Rahmen der Qualitätsprüfungen der DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) für Bio-Produkte hat das DLG-Testzentrum Lebensmittel jetzt die HASA GmbH aus Burg mit vier Gold-Medaillen für die Qualität ihrer Produkte... read on

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Subject Sustainability

We consider it our duty to ensure the safety and health of our employees by taking appropriate actions and measures. In terms of the value chain, we also... read on

Brands by HASA

With our Italissimo and Amore brands, your customers have the opportunity to test new recipes... read on

Subject Transparency

[...] Therefore, we aim to describe ingredients and manufacturing processes in as much detail and as transparently and clearly as possible... read on

News from HASA

The backmobile returns to HASA GmbH

The mobile back diagnostics of the Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (BGN), conducted by the Forschungsgesellschaft für angewandte Systemsicherheit und Arbeitsmedizin (FSA) from Erfurt, Germany, will be visiting HASA GmbH for the... read on

Health Day at HASA GmbH

At the end of 2017, we celebrated the second HASA Health Day. During working hours, employees had the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of activities. There was an enthusiastic response. For two years, HASA GmbH (part of the Freiberg... read on

40 times gold medal for HASA – the new DLG awards have arrived!

Since the middle of February, this year’s DLG test results for our ready-made meals and frozen pizzas are in. Just as in the years before, all the HASA pizzas could convince. The jury’s result was outstanding for us. We received 40 gold medals... read on