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There are new things from the stone oven to discover!

Many variations of HASA stone oven pizzas baked directly on hot stone.
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Production according to Italian tradition

We produce frozen stone-baked pizzas at the most modern factory in Germany. Our special feature is that our pizzas are baked directly on hot natural stone. It is the direct contact with stone during the baking process that makes our pizza true stone-baked pizza. Stone-baked pizza according to traditional Italian style, made in Germany. The unique leavening process (waiting time) allows us to create a dough that contains absolutely no artificial raising agents, hydrogenated fats or other additives.

Innovative product development

Our excellent production technology enables us to make frozen pizzas individually and flexibly. In addition to the usual considerations, such as the main flavour, target customers and target price, we also take into account national and regional preferences, current trends and many other aspects during product development.

We can easily create special or unusual recipes.

New shapes

Our production technology enables us to make frozen pizzas individually in any size or shape. We can produce pizzas up to 30 cm in diameter and in almost any shape imaginable.

Our favourite example is the Amore. The heart-shaped pizza is particularly suitable as a spring special offer or for Valentine's Day.

Extensive quality assurance

HASA carries out quality assurance according to the HACCP concept in accordance with the German Food Hygiene Regulation which analyses the entire production process in terms of potential health hazards. Defined process steps ensure appropriate control measures, product safety and quality. Our quality management system is checked regularly by external auditors and recertified according to the applicable standards.

Subject Transparency

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Subject Sustainability

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For every taste

Trademarks by HASA

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Brands by HASA

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